Welcome To Hot Pink Home!

If you have arrived here then chances are you and I have something very important in common – that is, a love of practically anything in hot pink!

As a teenager in the 1970s my first encounter with this adorable color was hot pink eye shadow. I remember finding it in a local cheap and cheerful store and taking it home excitedly. I applied it, loved it and showed my mother. She hated it and told me to wash it off immediately. Naturally as a rebellious 13 year old this made me like it even more, wear it when she wasn’t looking and sneak out of the house before she could stop me. My deep love of hot pink was born!

From then on I loved to have hot pink in my bedroom, in the clothes that I wore and the platform shoes that I staggered about in. There wasn’t quite so much of it about then but I still managed to root plenty of it out somehow. My best friend was into it to much the same degree which helped.

These days whatever you want in hot pink you can pretty much get. Its also more common to have it combined with other colors in home furnishings and so on. Some of what is described at hot pink is really a shade of deep pink, but I’m not going to spilt hairs as I like those shades too. You might well as ‘What goes with hot pink?’ and its a very good question. My answer to that would be ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ ! My reason for that is I believe that if you really, truly love it you will be prepared to mix it with anything and endure the results!

This site may be called Hot Pink Home but its about far more than home d├ęcor, in fact it is about anything you would keep in your home too. So look out for clothes, shoes, purses, stuff for your pets, stuff for your fella and lots more.