Bluesky Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Hot Pink Glitter Polish “Lucious” 10ml B28

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Bluesky Gel Polish is a wonderful new UV LED technology which has been on the market for over 3 years. Bluesky is the world leader in Soak Off UV & LED Gels and has 6 times more colors than any closest competitor. Bluesky has created an affordable alternative to the expensive salon brands and provides that amazing chip-free extended wear with near ZERO dry time. This outstanding product applies easily as any polish and wears until nail growth prompts you to do it all over again. After 2-3 weeks of flawless wear you may remove it in 10 minutes with a simple acetone “soak off”.

Bluesky Gel Polishes, Top Coats, and Base Coats are fully compatible with all other Major Brands of UV cured LED Gel products! Do you already have a large investment in expensive Salon Brand or a different UV system? You may use Bluesky Colors with any other top and base coats in any combination you need. Think of Bluesky as a simple extension of any high quality 3 Part UV / LED cured polish system!

Easy Removal: 1 – Soak nails by wrapping in cotton soaked pad with pure salon grade acetone and then wrap with small strips of aluminum foil to prevent evaporation of the acetone. Soak approx. 10 minutes
2 – Product will start to become soft and you can gently slide it off the nails in one piece using an orangewood stick, then finish with swabs & pads.

Amazing NEW Formula UV Cured Gel Nail Polish – Unlike Any Other!

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