6 foot long hot pink beta/biothane dog leash is 5/8" wide. This leash is ideal for medium or large dogs. Biothane has leather look and feel with solid brass snap.6 foot...

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Dogs walk over and under and over and under each other on walks tangling up our leashes constantly. On our leash, they untangle their own leashes with our patented swivel design. One can walk in front and one can walk behind. They have 6ft of...

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This Double Hands-Free Leash allows you to walk your pack of two dogs without the hassle of a regular leash. You can now jog, walk, run errands or hike along your four-legged best friends. This Hands-Free Leash can also be used for training...

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A short leash with a Brushed Nickel snap used primarily in situations where you want to keep your dog close.Hand crafted in the...

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Quality, handmade paracord leash or lanyard - multi-purpose tool. Composed of over 10' of 550 paracord, this is a great item to have on hand for any occasion. Emergency uses include: self-protection, tourniquets, trip line, snares and traps,...

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Made of soft and strong multifilament polypropylene rope. The ends of the leash are stitched and then covered with our traditional leather. The lead has a leather stop that slides along the leash to set the size of the collar for a better control of...

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OUT with the awkward and messy feeling of walking your two dogs separately while being all tangled up in the two leashes, and IN with this new totally adjustable Double-Dog leash. With this product you can finally start to enjoy your dogs'...

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Red Dingo classic dog lead. Adjustable for perfect length. Soft padded handle for extra comfort. Interchangeable lead clips featuring patented ‘lug and plug’system.Adjustable for perfect...

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4mm Steel Dog Leash Is Powder Coated Bubblegum Pink with Black Leather Handle. Will not rust or chip.4mm 48-Inch...

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