Classic Acrylic Knit Leg Warmers-Hot Pink

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These classic leg warmers, once the gear of pro-dancers are now fashion apparels. This wonderful accessory from FASH is the latest fashion apparel to take the world by storm.

This accessory has successfully made the jump from being extensively used by dancers to being a MUST HAVE for everyone’s wardrobe. Colors like hot pink and turquoise blue can be pulled down and be worn with matching shoes giving a scrunch sock look. Wear them over your jeans with a cool pair of shoes or boots and create stylish boot sleeves. If you like wearing small cloths, skirts, or shorts than these warmers with your footwear can give you quite a charming and chic look.

Women and girls of all ages can use these especially dancers. Available in 4 different colors: Black, Turquoise Blue, Hot Pink, & White.Light Weight

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