Kanekalon Jumbo Braid Extension Hair Hot Pink

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Perfect for braiding and dreadlock hair extensions. Professional quality, easy sealing Kanekalon fiber. Black light/UV reactive colors are: PI, HP, HTP, LV, LL, TPP/SL, GR, NG, YL, NV, 39R6, SL, 613, RD, HY, OR, HO, 27/613 (The 613 in it), M51 (The white in it) Please note: We carry several different brands of this product – some may have a slight more texture than others. If you have a preference, please note it to your order or feel free to give us a call! If you are interested in a straight texture, we recommend you check out our Kanekalon Silky Straight hair.Approximately 48 inches in length when unfolded

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