Root Candles Scented Grecian Pillar Candle, 3 by 9-Inch, Pomegranate and Lime

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Root Candles is an iconic American company that traces its lineage back to 1869 when founder, Amos Ives Root, first opened his doors for business in Medina, Ohio. Since then, five generations of Root candle-makers have furnished families around the country with the best candles in America. As an innovator and visionary, A. I. Root believed deeply in the American values of honesty, integrity, and plain old hard work; 140 years later, those three values remain at the core of The Root Company’s culture. Root Candles crafts products of uncompromising quality. Using all-natural materials for purity and balance, our candles seduce your senses, enhance your living space and soothe your soul. Our candles are manufactured according to all ASTM (safety) standards. We manufacture our own all-natural cotton wicks; we test burn 1,000 candles per day, checking fragrance throw, emissions, soot, flame strength, stability, end of useful life, welling, dripping, and burn time. Stringent color matching is done daily to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch. Root has combined the time honored methods of early 20th century hand crafted candle making, with 21st century automation technologies, to continue a renowned tradition and reputation. Every Root candle is made in the USA, on the same plot of land our founder, Amos Ives root, purchased over 100 years ago. The results are pure and simple: Root Candles are highly regarded for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes, important factors for discerning candle lovers. Today, Root Candles continues traditional standards of superior candle craftsmanship while introducing vibrant new textures, brilliant new colors, complex and intriguing new fragrances, and innovative, modern designs to our collections.Elegant Grecian pillar candle is a divinely proportioned work of art inspired by the symmetry of ancient Greek columns

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